Set a course for a fulfilling 2024 with a Vision and Structures session. This two-hour experience begins with an assessment of where you are currently, where you want to go, and what’s in the way. Using key elements in my bigger CoreWise method, you will create a “No-Goal” plan to establish a personal brand, start a project or business, or reimagine and execute on a current heart’s desire. Learn why having “no goal” is more fulfilling and more likely that you’ll achieve what you’re desiring (it’s not what you think). You will receive:

  • Your personalized astrology chart with favorable key dates (electional chart)
  • Guidance from your Human Design authority and Tarot insights
  • Branding strategies for positioning and messaging to know and express yourself uniquely
  • A Trello template to create your operating procedures and build your confidence

Accurate birth date, time and place are required.